Corporate Wellness


Research has revealed that employees and corporations benefit heavily from Digital Wellness. WAFFL is specifically built to bring benefits.

For Employees:

  • Helping employees and policy holders stay healthy

  • Target obesity & metabolic syndrome risk factors

  • Reduced risks for chronic diseases

For Corporations:

  • Reduce medical costs

  • Reduce the number of claims

  • Reduce employee Absenteeism

  • Insight into employee/policy holder trends 

  • Improve company bottom-line 


$6 saved for every $1 spent on a digital wellness program. Our product would serve beneficial to:

  • Health insurance companies  looking to set themselves apart from their competition 

  • Human resources departments looking to enhance employee productivity

Our Offering

WAFFL will provide white-labelled licensing built to your company  requirements with your branding. Services provided include:

  • White-label – We will align the app to your company's branding and logo

  • We will provide support for you. Software upgrades, Quality Assurance, customisation and operations

  • Telematics – The app acts as a trend tracking tool, which would provide useful insights. 

  • Virtual coach – The app will provide guidance for exercise, nutrition and medical tracking (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure)

  • Rewards - WAFFL attributes points for positive behaviour. Users can redeem rewards accordingly

  • Devices – We will build your app which is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. This will cover Mobile and Wearable devices