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Insurance Solutions

Insurers are committed to improving health and wellbeing at home and in the workplace so that policyholders can better understand and manage their health

Insurers can do this by:

  • Introducing initiatives aimed at improving your physical activity

  • Offering incentives for healthy life styles

Wellness programmes are designed to support policyholders manage their health and prevent or delay the onset of illness. 


WAFFL is specifically built to bring benefits

For Policyholders:

  • Helping policyholders attain/maintain good health

  • Target obesity & metabolic syndrome risk factors

  • Reduced risks for chronic diseases

For Insurers:

  • Help policyholders adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Reduce claims and save money

  • Boost Brand awareness

  • Plethora of Data relating to behaviour & trends 

  • Improve company bottom-line 

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