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Whether you a small, regional wellness services provider looking for a technology platform or a large enterprise wanting to expand your offerings, We can meet your needs.

WAFFL helps resellers address the wide array of needs their diverse customers have by offering multiple engagement tools, from software to services, that are configurable to address the specific goals and objectives of any organization.

Our Offering

WAFFL will provide white-labelled licencing built to your company  requirements with your branding. Services provided include:

  • White-label – We will align the app to your company's branding and logo

  • Integration - We will integrate the app with your wellness tools so employees have a a seamless, unified experience

  • We will provide support for you. Software upgrades, Quality Assurance, customisation and operations

  • We will support the employees with our customised Helpdesk- 24/7

  • Telematics – The app acts as a data-trends tool, which would provide useful insights. 

  • Virtual coach – The app will provide guidance for exercise, nutrition and medical tracking (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure)

  • Rewards -  A gamified experience means employees have the opportunity to win Rewards for healthy behaviours

  • - WAFFL attributes points for positive behaviour. Users can redeem rewards accordingly

  • Challenges - WAFFL creates a platform that facilitates employee engagement via intra-company competitions

Resellers Solution
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